Call for abstracts

General information:

Abstracts should include original and unpublished data describing scientific results involving
assisted reproduction in equids. Abstracts accepted by the scientific committee will be
presented as posters or as short oral presentations. All accepted abstracts will be published on
paper format and included in the proceedings of the Symposium. Authors may submit only one
abstract as first author. The abstracts have to be submitted exclusively as an attachment by
email to: A confirmation will be sent to the first author within 48 hours
of submission.

The deadline for abstract submission is October 15 th , 2017.

Instructions for authors:

  • Scientific results should be sent as an abstract in one paragraph describing the
    introduction, aims, materials and methods, results, conclusions and references. The
    titles of each section (Introduction, Aims, Materials and Methods, etc.) should not be
    included in the text.
  • The authors should send the abstract as a Word file in Spanish or English in Calibri 11
    and 2,5” of left margin.
  • The title should appear in both languages (Spanish and English).
  • The affiliations of each author should follow the title and include the name of the
    institute or company, the city and country where the institute or company is located.
  • The total word count should not exceed 500 words, including the title and affiliations.
  • Tables and figures will not be accepted in the abstract.
  • Commercial products and materials should be identified between brackets and should
    include manufacturer name, city, and country.
  • Dosages and routes of administration should be specified for each treatment.
  • The methods for statistical analysis of data should be described.
  • The references should only include first author, journal, volume, page and year and
    should appear in the text, in the same sentence in which they are quoted.